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Scrunchie | Holographic sequins


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The Stine Goya Scrunchie in Holographic Sequin is a delicate hair tie decorated with iridescent sequins. It adds shine and glamor to your hair and is the perfect accessory to spice up your look. The material is beautifully decorated with sparkling sequins that shimmer and shine in different lighting conditions.

The hair tie has a comfortable and durable elastic band that holds your hair securely without damaging it. You can easily wrap it around a ponytail or bun and style your hairstyle in seconds.

The holographic sequin design gives this scrunchie a playful and festive touch, making it ideal for special occasions.


The Stine Goya scrunchie comes in one size


50% metallic 50% polyester


Supplier name: SCRUNCHIE holo s SG5567
Web code: 96329900018

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