Palm of Feronia

Large Raw Blue Lace Agate


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The large, blue and raw Palm of Feronia Lace Agate is dedicated to the Scandinavian Earth Mother Nerthus. It calms, relieves stress and instills a sense of peace and tranquility. It is a protective stone that seeks the truth. There is less and less of the stone and it is threatened with extinction. It is special for the throat chakra and is charged in the moonlight. The origin of the stone is Namibia.


Each crystal comes with a small description card printed on recycled cotton paper and a cotton pouch. You will receive a single piece intuitively chosen for you. Please note that each stone is unique and there are deviations from the photos and also from the size information. Approximate dimensions: 7cm. Each crystal is charged with Reiki energy.


Vendor Designation: ARBLA2 Raw Blue Lace Agate Large
Web code: 53100000189

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