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The Moon Boot Icon Low Glitter Boot in silver pays homage to the legendary moon landing in 1969 and the high-tech astronaut equipment associated with it. Inspired by astronaut boots, this low-top boot embodies a futuristic style.

Here are some of its features:

1. Glitter Finish: The boot has an eye-catching glitter finish that gives it a sparkling and eye-catching look.

2. Insulation: These boots are insulated which means they will keep your feet warm and are good for cold weather conditions.

3. Lightweight Midsole: The lightweight midsole provides comfort and cushioning with every step.

4. Suction cups: The boot's rubber tread sole has suction cups that provide good traction and control, similar to astronauts' boots.

The Moon Boot Icon Low Glitter Boot is not only functional and warm, but also a fashion statement. With its futuristic design and glitter effect, it attracts attention and is a homage to the historic moon landing.


The women's low-shaft slip-on boots from Moon Boot are true to size. The sole measures a maximum of 1.5 cm and the shaft 18 cm.




Supplier name: 14094400 silver MB ICON LOW GLITTER
Web code: 29290900027

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