Marc-Antoine Barrois

Enclade Eau de Parfum

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New planet, new universe. Designed by French sculptor Jean Boggio, the golden case of this new perfume is an invitation to discover a wonderland. A fresh jungle on the edge of a volcano, Enclade is a powerful and captivating perfume. Its sensual and unique green and woody notes will seduce both men of character and women in search of sophistication.


Encelade is a natural satellite of Saturn discovered in 1789, another bluish-tinged planet covered in snow, fresh water, and likely seismic activity. In addition to the Oneiric thought that Encelade might one day be covered by a green jungle, the mythological figure embodies power, rebellion and character, the satellite stands for freshness, sweetness and purity. In mythology, Encelade, son of Gaia (earth) and Uranus (sky), is brought down by Athena after giants attempted to climb Mount Olympus to reach the gods. Legend has it that he was buried under the soil of Sicily and that he is still breathing through the fumes and eruptions of the Etna volcano.


Atlas cedar
Tonka bean
Australian sandalwood


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