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Waterbury Loafers | sky

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The Waterbury Loafer in Sky by Guglielmo Rotta comes in beautiful blue suede and looks a bit like a moccasin. Greetings from Boho vibes! The two tassels skilfully round off the look.


The women's slip-on shoes with rubber soles by Guglielmo Rotta are true to size. The sole measures 2.5 cm.


Suede leather/nubuck


Supplier designation: WATERBURY sky VELOUR
Web code: 25310100036

The Guglielmo Rotta brand was named after its founder in 1964 and has since stood for first-class Italian shoe craftsmanship and creativity. The values ​​that have made the company successful are: commitment, talent, intuition and passion. We always try to produce the shoes in the best possible quality and with a lot of creativity and style.

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