Guglielmo Rotta

Felix Chelsea Boot | Black

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The Felix Chelsea boot in black by Guglielmo Rotta comes in soft, black, smooth leather. The sole and the wide heel harmonize perfectly with the otherwise minimalist look of the shoe. A special highlight: the wavy notch a la Bottega Veneta. You can easily combine it with any outfit.


The women's slip-on boots with a medium shaft and flac by Guglielmo Rotta are true to size. The heel measures 9 cm and the shaft is 18 cm.


smooth leather


Supplier designation: FELIX-M black ranch without yellow spikes
Web code: 28300000555

The Guglielmo Rotta brand was named after its founder in 1964 and has since stood for first-class Italian shoe craftsmanship and creativity. The values ​​that have made the company successful are: commitment, talent, intuition and passion. We always try to produce the shoes in the best possible quality and with a lot of creativity and style.

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