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The oceans are the heart of our planet, full of wonder, beauty and inspiration. In the stunning photo book The Oceans, Chris Burkard, world-renowned outdoor photographer and explorer, takes you on a journey across the seven seas. From the wild shores of the North Atlantic to the calm waters of the tropics, Burkard's lens captures the stunning diversity and ever-changing beauty of the world's oceans. With every turn of the page, you'll immerse yourself in a different corner of the world and become immersed in natural splendor.

Yet The Oceans is more than just a collection of stunning photographs. It is a call to action, a reminder of the urgent need to protect and preserve our fragile blue planet. Through his art, Burkard encourages us to see the oceans not just as a resource to be exploited, but as a source of wonder and inspiration that deserves our respect and care. Immerse yourself in the oceans and experience the stunning beauty of the world's deep blue waters.

Chris Burkard is an adventurer, photographer, writer and creative director based in California, best known for inspiring photographs of natural landscapes in remote regions of the world, which he shares with millions of people on social media.


Language: English
Publisher: gestalten & Chris Burkard
Release date: September 2023
Size: 24.5 × 33 cm
Features: Full color, linen hardcover, thread-stitched, 320 pages ISBN: 978-3-96704-126-2


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