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Escentric Molecules has introduced a new fragrance variant called "Molecule 01 + Ginger" which consists of Iso E Super and ginger.

- Iso E Super : This is an abstract synthetic molecule that has a cedar tint and provides a warm, velvety, enveloping feeling.

- Ginger : Ginger is obtained from the rhizome of the ginger plant and has a fresh and spicy scent profile.

The combination of Iso E Super and ginger in Molecule 01 + Ginger creates a fragrance experience with contrasting nuances. The scent is both strong and calming, peppery and zesty at the same time. It combines the familiar warmth of ginger with a uniquely imaginative freshness. Geza Schoen, the perfumer behind this creation, describes the scent as simple yet surprising, with a crisp freshness and a peppery spiciness that reinterprets the classic ginger scent.

Molecule 01 + Ginger is an innovative combination of the velvety, enveloping structure of Iso E Super and the invigorating freshness of ginger, resulting in a unique and captivating scent.


Iso E Super + Ginger


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