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Molecule 05 Eau de Toilette

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Molecule 05 consists solely of the cashmeran molecule in its pure and unique form.

Molecule 05 is a tribute to modern synthetic perfumery. Developed by IFF in the late 1970s, cashmeran has an unusually complex character for a single molecule. It combines a cocooning, musky softness with dry, aromatic woodiness and a sweet and resinous pine note. A warm, deep and idiosyncratic fragrance for all genders.

The Molecule 05 fragrance is radically minimalist and subtle. It contains no odorous substances, apart from the aroma molecule cashmeran.

Molecule 05 belongs to the Series 05 from Escentric Molecules. The molecule used is cashmeran.

The packaging and the bottle inside look super classy and functional in terms of their design and presentation.


If you would like to take your perfume with you, I would recommend the 30ml with the travel case, as the 100ml are intended for use at home and therefore there is no lid. The travel case is a puristic outer packaging made of colored anodised aluminium.


Web Code 100ml: 41000000109
Web code 30ml incl. travel case: 41000000209

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