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Molecule 04 Eau de Toilette

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Molecule 04 consists solely of the molecule Javanol in its pure and unique form.

Javanol is a next-generation sandalwood-like molecule that retains the radiance and staying power of natural sandalwood, but is translucent and transparent like no sandalwood in nature. It reveals sandalwood in a completely new way, without any heaviness, but with an unprecedented soft, shiny, shimmering freshness.

"What I love about Javanol is its almost psychedelic freshness," says Geza Schoen. "It smells like pouring liquid metallic grapefruit peel over a bed of velvety cream roses."

Javanol is in some ways like Iso E Super, the molecule in Escentric Molecules 01. Like Iso E Super, it comes and goes. The person wearing it loses the ability to smell it after a short time, only to later magically reconnect with the scent.

Molecule 04 belongs to the Series 04 from Escentric Molecules. The molecule used is javanol.

The packaging and the bottle inside look super classy and functional in terms of their design and presentation.


If you would like to take your perfume with you, I would recommend the 30ml with the travel case, as the 100ml are intended for use at home and therefore there is no lid. The travel case is a puristic outer packaging made of colored anodised aluminium.


Web Code 100ml: 41000000089
Web code 30ml incl. travel case: 41000000189

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