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Molecule 02 Eau de Toilette

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Molecule 02 consists solely of the Ambroxan molecule in its pure and unique form. The perfumer Geza Schoen has created a true aphrodisiac. This molecule seduces everything and everyone with its dry and woody notes.

Ambroxan has been a coveted fragrance since ancient times and is now one of the most expensive fragrance raw materials in the world. The source used to be a mysterious substance called ambergris, which is expelled by sperm whales and only acquires its delicate fragrance after a long period of maturation while swimming in the sea. This substance is rarely found these days, which is why the aroma molecules that make up the scent are recreated in the laboratory. By far the finest of these is the nature-identical molecule Ambroxan.

Ambergris has always been valued for its sophistication and sensuality. This quality is retained in Ambroxan. "It has a fresh, almost mineral quality," says perfumer Geza Schoen, "that lingers well into the drydown."

Anyone who wears Molecule 02 will be surrounded by an almost mineral fresh shell that literally seems to vibrate. Wonderfully cozy, elegant and extremely modern in an unusual way.

Molecule 02 belongs to the Series 02 by Escentric Molecules. This Series 02 consists of the special molecule Ambroxan, a subtle sensual scent with a radiant, long-lasting drydown. Its character is woody, dry, balsamic, somewhat tobacco-like with an aphrodisiac effect - simply sexy.

The packaging and the bottle inside look super classy and functional in terms of their design and presentation. The travel case is a puristic outer packaging made of colored anodised aluminium.


If you would like to take your perfume with you, I would recommend the 30ml with the travel case, as the 100ml are intended for use at home and therefore there is no lid.


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