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Molecule 01 + Black Tea


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Escentric Molecules presents Molecule 01 + Black Tea, an exciting addition to the M+ series that puts a refreshing twist on the popular Molecule 01. Let your scent stand out and stand out from the crowd.

Molecule 01 + Black Tea is composed of Iso E Super and black tea.

Iso E Super is an abstract synthetic molecular compound with cedar wood notes and a warm, velvety feeling of well-being.

Black tea is the dried leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis and exudes a subtle and complex scent.

M+ Black Tea creates an aromatic cloud infused with Iso E Super, containing the splendor of black tea and mate tea absolute, rounded off with bitter-fresh notes and hints of flowers.

"There is not just one black tea in the world. I wanted to highlight the different facets of this complex aroma to create my own fragrance composition by infusing a black tea extract with mate tea absolute. This is my dreamland playground: a blend of "Black tea impressions and Iso E Super. What I love about black tea is its subtlety. The way lightness meets earthiness and the bitter-fresh notes meet the floral aspect, all with a light touch," says Geza Nice.

This fragrance is a particularly successful variant of the seductive, sensual aroma of black tea that goes far beyond the usual fragrance composition. Experience the magic of this extraordinary fragrance and immerse yourself in the world of Molecule 01 + Black Tea.


Iso E Super + Black Tea


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