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Escentric 05 Eau de Toilette

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Escentric 05, like Molecule 05, contains a high concentration of the molecule Cashmeran.

Cashmeran is dry, radiant, warm and woody with an unexpected hint of pine resin," says Geza Schoen. "That gave me the idea to create a different kind of summer fragrance. I wanted to evoke the feeling of being by the sea, but not with the usual sea notes that I find too artificial. Instead, I wanted to recreate the experience of being on an island in the Mediterranean.

Escentric 05's top note is very simple: bergamot to keep things light and orange, an ingredient that sets an emotional tone, bright and happy. It reflects the orange groves that cover this island.

Laurel and rosemary are typical Mediterranean plants with a spicy freshness, juniper brings a herbaceous tonality and cypress is a very dry, sharp wood.

The drydown has two classic Mediterranean ingredients, cistus labdanum and mastic. Mastic is a resin produced by a small tree that grows mostly near the sea. It has the clean, sharp scent of freshly cut branches. Rockrose is a small plant that grows throughout the Mediterranean. It has a sweet, leathery, balsamic quality that I love. And of course there's about 15% cashmeran - that's what gives the scent its piney warmth.

"I also added a subtle fig, both the bitterness of the leaves and the ripeness of the fruit. Figs had to be in there because there is a fig tree next to our house on the island. The fig feels authentic to the place, it evokes memories remember the happiness of summer by the sea."

Escentric 05 belongs to the Series 05 from Escentric Molecules. The Escentric is always the variation that is less minimalistic.

The packaging and the bottle inside look super classy and functional in terms of their design and presentation.


If you would like to take your perfume with you, I would recommend the 30ml with the travel case, as the 100ml are intended for use at home and therefore there is no lid. The travel case is a puristic outer packaging made of colored anodised aluminium.


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