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Escentric 02 Eau de Toilette

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With Escentric 02, perfumer Geza Schön has created an aphrodisiac in the form of an eau de toilette. It contains 13.5% of the molecule Ambroxan, one of the most expensive fragrances in the perfume industry. This has a subtle, sensual quality with a glowing, long-lasting drydown.

Escentric 02 contains 13.5%* Ambroxan in a formula designed to enhance its mineral notes. In the base, this molecule is combined with fresh and herbaceous notes such as sage, elderberry and fresh tangerine. Vetiver, cedar wood and iris skilfully round off the fragrance. The heart becomes floral with iris, elderflower and hedione, similar to jasmine. A gin & tonic accord and a touch of Almdudler lead to the aromatic and sparkling top note. Thus, Escentric 02 is a clear, fresh scent that captivates after a while with an unusual warmth without losing its gentle mineral freshness.

*13.5% is the maximum percentage of AMBROXAN™ that can be dissolved in a fragrance composition. If more, the AMBROXAN™ will crystallize out of the solution.

Escentric 02 belongs to the Series 02 from Escentric Molecules. This Series 02 consists of the special molecule Ambroxan, a subtle sensual scent with a radiant, long-lasting drydown. Its character is woody, dry, balsamic, somewhat tobacco-like with an aphrodisiac effect - simply sexy. The Escentric is always the variation that is less minimalistic.

The packaging and the bottle inside look super classy and functional in terms of their design and presentation.


If you would like to take your perfume with you, I would recommend the 30ml with the travel case, as the 100ml are intended for use at home and therefore there is no lid. The travel case is a puristic outer packaging made of colored anodised aluminium.


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