Dr. Martens

Jadon-FL lace-up boot | Black Pisa Faux Toby Fur


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smooth leather
Since Sti.WF-Schn.mitt.


The women's lace-up boot with warm lining by Dr. Martens is true to size. The heel measures up to 4.5 cm


smooth leather


Supplier designation: JADON-FL black 25637001 Pisa Faux Toby Fur
Web code: 29100000117

Founded in 1945, the Dr. Martens quickly became the shoe of the working class in Great Britain and later - especially among young people - a cult object. Today, the well-known 8 or 10 hole boots are worn by a wide variety of groups. Punks, techno lovers, models, pop stars and we too are enthusiastic about the timeless design and durability. The brand has always embodied rebellion and individuality. Under the hashtag #toughasyou, she promotes exactly that and wants to know what 'tough' means nowadays.

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