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Limited edition of 3 small candles with summery scents. Lavender leaf, lemongrass and verbena come together in a set illustrated by artist Matthieu Cossé. An invitation to pamper yourself with the emblematic scents of the Mediterranean coast in summer. Citronelle (lemongrass) immediately releases floral and citrusy facets, accompanied by lemon verbena, neroli and orange blossom. Feuille de Lavande (Lavender Leaf) evokes the mineral scent of the earth, where delicate blue flowers grow and develop their spicy, rustic fragrance. Verbena (Vervain) evokes the scent of freshly picked whole Verbena leaves, crushed in the palm of your hand to release the delicate yet vibrant note of lemon.

To celebrate summer in all its splendor, diptyque takes us to the heart of Mediterranean nature. This Mediterranean region, full of natural beauty, expressive colors and aromas, has always been a source of inspiration for the Maison. The scent of prickly pears on the edge of a small bay, the scent of lavender and lemongrass on a terrace at sunset... Scents send the senses on a journey. Escape from everyday life with the products of this summer collection: an eau de toilette and a hair perfume, an aromatic spray against mosquitoes, limited-edition candles and a scented vinegar with plant extracts from the Mediterranean region. The artist Matthieu Cossé has designed each item in the collection in his own personal style. The iconic oval takes on colour, original illustrations adorn the bottles and candles. A special way to experience and feel the summer - with all your senses.


When you light a diptyque candle for the first time, let it burn for at least an hour to liquefy the entire surface of the wax and avoid creating a crater.

Trim the wick regularly to avoid soot buildup on the glass.

After use, center the wick to allow the candle to burn evenly.

If you want to create your own unique scent, we recommend burning two different candles at the same time.


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