L'Ombre dans l'Eau Eau de Toilette

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This fragrance combines the freshness of roses with green notes of blackcurrant leaves. Despite its apparent simplicity, this eau de toilette is built around a balanced balance of two key notes that work together in perfect harmony. After the juice and buds of the currant, the first notes are bergamot, very botanical, very green, almost cold, and tangerine. Two pungent, explosive yet delicate citrus fruits that soften the initial bitterness. Then comes the Bulgarian rose, also known as the Damask rose, fresh and blushing, beguiling over time. Finally, one recognizes the base note on which everything is built: ambergris and musk. A subtle note for perseverance and fidelity, the other for warmth, a discreet sensuality that envelops the skin with desire. Recommended for those who want a stylish and unique eau de toilette or rose fragrance.

Each eau de toilette sublimates wonderful substances from nature. Neither feminine nor masculine, it cannot be assigned to any genre, so that every wearer can make it their own in their own way. Each of them owes its peculiarity to the imagination of an unusual ingredient that gives its composition an element of surprise, making it unique. Spray liberally in a sweeping V from left shoulder to right.


Fragrances: Rose, Cassis Bud, Petitgrain

Olfactory surprise: cassis leaf

Family: Fruity


alcohol denat. (sd alcohol 39-c) - parfum (fragrance) - aqua (water) - citronellol - geraniol - linalool - limonene - eugenol - benzyl alcohol - citral - farnesol - coumarin - bht. volume 80°


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