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Wandervogel Eau de Parfum

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Far and wide.

Inspired by the desire for the new and the undiscovered, "wandervogel" combines exotic shiso, sea notes and subtle sandy chords that give it an airy, almost transcendent allure. Combined with a gentle touch of rare Moroccan mint, it's a modern interpretation of discoveries and unseen lands.


Top notes: mint, shiso leaves, sea accord

Mid notes: anise, fennel, white flower

Low notes: musk, sand accord

Go line: fragrances for discoveries and distant places - bold and spirited.

Aesthetics: A delicately marbled geographical abstraction that reflects the colors of the ingredients.


The flacons follow clean, minimalist lines that are a canvas—not a competitor—to their contents. Instead of the traditional 100ml or 50ml bottles, there are 27 87 fragrances in the eponymous 27ml and 87ml bottles.

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Ingla Schuhmoden Renal GmbH is an authorized and official point of sale for the 27 87 brand.

Romy launched the 27 87 brand with the clear intention of creating perfumes that enhance a person's personal, immediate reality. A daredevil and passionate innovator, she works with some of the world's best noses to create perfumes that are as progressive and novel as the here and now.

27 87 redefines luxury in the simplest way possible: they invest in unique, high-quality ingredients, meticulous research and expert, traditional craftsmanship by local artisans in Barcelona to create perfumes that last, evolve over time and stay with you forever are a bit unpredictable.

Proud, confident and timeless, 27 87 bottles follow clean, minimalist lines that are a canvas - not a competition - for their contents.

27 87 co-creates the here and now rather than dictating it. No memory, no past: this is a line of progressive, novel perfumes that are a canvas and complement to a bare now.

Artistic perfumes
We see perfume making as an art and expert traditional craftsmanship by local artisans from Barcelona. No scent like the present.

Original formulas
We invest in unique, high quality ingredients and meticulous research to create perfumes that last, evolve over time and are always a bit unpredictable.

gender neutral
You decide whether our fragrances suit your personality, your occasion, your outfit or your mood.

Cruelty free
The brand attaches great importance to fair production processes and guarantees that none of the perfumes or mixtures are tested on animals.

Clean ingredients
27 87 perfumes contain no aluminium, formaldehyde, phthalates, gluten, mineral oils, parabens, silicones, SLS, sulfates, toluene, soaps or bad vibes.

The fragrances are compatible with vegan principles and contain no intentionally added animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

Highsnobiety: "The best unisex fragrances to shop right now"

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