Miami Blue Eau de Parfum

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Dedicated to an era in Miami when champagne baths were charting. In the 1980s it was dubbed Paradise Lost and the TV series Miami Vice was all the rage.
The scent is fresh and aquatic. Fragrance notes include Lemon, Ginger and Cocaine Accord.
"Miami - a metropolis with deep roots in arts and cultural diversity surrounded by sunshine, white sand and the sea. In the 1980s it was dubbed Paradise Lost. During that time, the Hotel Mutiny was a lush oasis in the midst of the apocalypse and housed a free trade zone and a never-ending party of gorgeous models, kingpins and legendary artists.The TV series Miami Vice had a major impact on fashion, which includes pastel Armani jackets and rolled-up sleeves.

fragrance notes

Top: lemon, ginger, aldehyde

Mid: Cocaine Accord, Rose Oxide, Calone

Base: Amber Xtreme


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