La Habana Eau de Parfum

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The fragrance La Habana is based on a sailor's memories of Cuba before the revolution. The fragrance sheds light on the island's golden musical era between the 1930s and 1950s.
The scent is aromatic, smoky and seductive. Fragrance notes include saffron, frankincense resinoid and Lao oud.
"Havana, known as the playground of the mafia and the wealthy elite, in the mid-20th century was home to many vibrant music venues such as the Tropicana or the Buena Vista Social Club. The rhythmic sounds of habanera, latin jazz and salsa could be heard everywhere, and the glitzy showgirls added to the tropical island's allure.After the revolution in 1959, many bars closed, ending an era in Havana.The La Habana fragrance is inspired by my uncle, who was a sailor, and his stories about Cuba. "

fragrance notes

Top: aldehyde, saffron

Mid: Elemi, Frankincense Resinoid

Base: Vanilla Absolute, Caramel, Ambroxan, Lao Oud, Goldstein, Amber Balm Resinoid


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