Woolrich's global success story started very small: Icy cold winds blew through the small town of Plum Run River in Pennsylvania in 1830, and temperatures well below freezing made the residents shiver. The emigrant John Rich, who had just immigrated from England and developed warming woolen goods for the workers of the local fish factory and for the lumberjacks, found nothing to do with it. He traveled through the area with the donkey cart to bring his goods to the man. And the workers bought his clothes! John's wool spinning mill, which was founded at the same time, became more and more successful, and new company premises had to be found quickly. John Rich found this in Woolrich, the town that gave its name to the now well-known brand in 1888. From then on, the modern worker could stock up on everything he needed at Woolrich: waistcoats, wool sweaters or flannel shirts were part of the so-called “workwear” range.