In 1984, Teva created the world's first athletic sandal on the banks of the Grand Canyon. With its urban outdoor style, the cult sandal fits equally well in the trendy districts of Berlin as it does on hiking trails far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. We love that twist on Teva. As part of our ecosystem, Teva has been committed to protecting the environment and producing as sustainably as possible for over 30 years. We are particularly proud that since the 2020 collection, 100% of the straps have been made from recycled polyester in a verifiably sustainable production process. In addition, in recent years Teva has been able to remove excess material from the packaging, reduce water consumption and thus significantly reduce its own carbon footprint. Teva is constantly working on the sustainable optimization of individual work processes in order to create a shoe that will also inspire and motivate future generations to explore and protect our planet. Yay.