Embassy of Bricks and Logs is deeply rooted in the streetwear scene and has set itself the task of creating sustainable fashion with a contemporary approach. For the brand, sustainability begins and ends with taking a holistic approach that includes all living things along the supply chain - this includes animals and therefore also products of animal origin. Working closely with PETA, Embassy of Bricks and Logs ensures that the entire collection is PETA-approved vegan. But it is also important to the label that beautiful fashion items are made beautiful. Fair working conditions and safe working conditions are therefore a must! Thus, the items are designed in Germany and proudly manufactured in China. Due to the small business approach, the brand is able to ensure that every step of production is carried out in-house: no outsourcing, no secret subcontracting. Most of the fabric suppliers are from South Korea. South Korea is a highly developed country and offers the finest fabrics in the textile industry of the Far East, comparable to what Italy means to Europe. Because the brand manufactures in China, sourcing in South Korea helps keep the carbon footprint of shipping materials low. The materials are purchased from mostly certified manufacturers (Öko-Tex or blue board). 93-95% of the total production is also made from recycled and/or organic materials. Stylish and sustainable!