AGL was founded in 1958 by Piero Giusti. From the Italian region of Marche, the beating heart of shoe production, AGL's creations conquered Northern Europe and the USA with Attilio, who in the family business made the glove-like fit the distinctive feature of these shoes designed and manufactured in Italy. The third generation, the Giusti sisters, are currently at the forefront of what they consider to be the AGL family jewel, a legacy born of tradition, craftsmanship, artistic vocations and memories. Sara, Vera and Marianna are determined and courageous; each of them has a role and together they form the creative spirit of the brand, whose identity they have renewed, emphasizing its most feminine and refined character. Reappraisal of the past in a contemporary style. With the same level of grace and grace, a balance that is reflected in AGL's collections. AGL's creations represent many types of femininity, thanks to the mix of different styles that flow together and with a subtle touch of irony.