34 Boulevard Saint German Eau de Toilette

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Paris in the early 1960s. In the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, the nights are celebrated in the jazz clubs, artists of all kinds meet here. There is discussion, dancing and laughing, there is hustle and bustle and an atmosphere that is as exuberant as it is elegant. Orphéon was one of those bars bubbling with joie de vivre where the three diptyque founders who lived in the neighborhood often and happily met. As a tribute to this time of creative friendships, Orphéon presents itself today as a fragrance portrait of this think tank. A snapshot that captures the puffs of cigarette smoke blended with the powdery aromas of blush and the slightly resinous scent of patinated wood. At the heart of the fragrance composition is the ambience of this unforgettable place, personified by a warm tonka bean note, surrounded by profound cedar and sparkling juniper berries.

Did you know that the only relic of the Orphéon bar that still stands today is a pillar with blue mirror facets at the back of the boutique at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain?


Fragrances: juniper berries, cedar, tonka bean

Olfactory surprise: jasmine

Family: Woody


Web Code 75ml: 41100000019

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