Megatrend 2023: Festive blouses with glitter

Whether it's rhinestones, sequins or lurex, the motto for 2023 is "glitter". Designers like Carolina Herrera and Stella McCartney showed this at their shows at Fashion Week. Stars like Hailey Bieber also follow this trend and diligently integrate pieces in different types of glitter into their outfits. Probably the most well-known type of glitter that we all know is rhinestones. This is a replica of precious stones and is made of glass. Sequins have also played a major role in fashion since the 1960s. These come in every shape and color imaginable and I'm sure we all have at least one of them in our closet. These are nothing more than plastic particles that are coated with metallic colors. There are also so-called “holo sequins”, which shimmer in different colors when light falls on them. You can also conjure up really beautiful designs with Lurex. This is a glitter yarn, which can also shimmer in different colors. The best known are silver and gold. Festive blouses with glitter are now an absolute must-have in every wardrobe!

Type advice Blouses with glitter

We've all dreamed of having a princess moment. You don't necessarily have to wear ostentatious dresses for this, but blouses with glitter are the perfect alternative. In my opinion anyone who wants to make a statement can wear glitter as long as you feel good about yourself. As with all more conspicuous parts, you should skilfully stage them and appear self-confident. Especially in winter among all the dark outfits, this trend brings glamor and joy to the dreary season and makes it look more lively again.

Outfit advice: How can festive blouses be combined with glitter

You definitely don't have to save on glitter and there is no such thing as too much. Glitter all over looks are really cool! A sparkling top, matching trousers or skirt, glittering shoes and you'll be radiant from afar. An example of this for me would be pairing a silver long sleeve top with crystal glitter pants.

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Festive blouses with glittery silver bodice
Cut out Detail Asymmetric Top in Silver by JW Anderson
Combine festive blouses with glitter with black trousers
Malika trousers in Salute from Samsøe Samsøe

Since an all-over glitter look isn't for everyone, you can easily combine it with a more inconspicuous bottom. My recommendation would be a blouse with a shimmering look and black, loose-fitting pants.

Lua Blouse in Frosted Almond by Samsøe Samsøe

Lua Blouse in Frosted Almond by Samsøe Samsøe

Perfect for the glitter look Carrie pants in black

Carrie trousers in black by Anine Bing

Accessories for blouses with glitter

In my opinion, accessories should not be missing from any outfit and round off the look. Here I would rather stay simple and pick up colors that appear in the outfit, because otherwise you distract from your actual look. A combination of a small bag in white or black, small earrings and a filigree chain is perfect for this.

Mini Scrunch in Black by Yuzefi

Mini scrunch in black from Yuzefi

Mini tempura in white from Yuzefi

Mini tempura in white from Yuzefi

Combine the perfect shoes with a glitter blouse

To complete our outfit with a festive blouse in glitter, shoes are a must. Here I would definitely go back to glitter. Especially with an all over glitter look, shoes that shimmer just as much are very important to complete your look. If you have combined your top with a simple bottom, I would certainly pick up glitter again, because then you have your top as an eye-catcher and also direct the focus to your shoes. No matter whether high heels, shoes without heels or even cowboy boots. Depending on the occasion and look, you can decide which shoes fit best. If it can be a little more chic, then I would personally definitely go for high heels. There are also really great flat alternatives for everyday use. And glittering cowboy boots are absolute eye-catchers anyway!

Lola Cruz nude slides

Lola Cruz nude slides

Pump in Negro by Lola Cruz

Pump in Negro by Lola Cruz

The perfect occasion for glitter outfits

Since we now have enough inspiration from glitter outfits, we now ask ourselves the question for which occasion we can wear them? We're probably all thinking about Christmas and New Year's right now. For the holidays I would definitely grab a glitter piece and you don't have to hold back here under any circumstances. Dare to do all over glitter looks! But they are not only suitable for the festivities at the end of the year, but can be worn at any party or celebration.

Wear glitter every day

Most of us would rather wear glitter outfits for special occasions or parties. But why not in everyday life? We should all trust ourselves more and wear what we feel like. You don't have to go to work in an all-over glitter look, but you can select a specific piece of clothing or an accessory and combine it with something simple. In this way you also bring some joy and swing into your outfit and thus draw everyone's attention to you.

The effect of glitter outfits

Glitter definitely boosts your self-confidence. Anyone who steps out onto the street in shimmering outfits definitely wants to be seen and not hide. So you will definitely be a real eye-catcher! When you think of glitter, you think of clothes that sparkle in all colors and this exudes a certain joy. Fashion should be fun and the happiness hormone dopamine is released at the same time. A sparkling piece of clothing definitely brings joy, which is why glitter outfits clearly fall under the motto "Dopamine Dressing".