Palm of Feronia

Raw Zebra Calcite


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Palm of Feronia Raw Zebra Calcite is a supportive crystal that can help overcome times of fear, doubt and uncertainty. It can encourage feelings of connectedness and evoke a sense of belonging and comfort.

Zebra Calcite can clear heavy and chaotic energies and bring a sense of balance and stability. This calcite variant was only found in the last few years and is a newly discovered stone.

For the chakras root, solar plexus and third eye. Charges in sunlight.

Comes from Mexico.


Each crystal comes with a small description card printed on recycled cotton paper and a cotton pouch. You will receive a single piece intuitively chosen for you. Please note that each stone is unique and there are deviations from the photos and also from the size information. Each piece is approximately between 20 and 40mm in size.

Each crystal has been charged with Reiki energy.


Vendor Designation: ARZC1 Raw Zebra Calcite
Web code: 53100000219

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