Palm of Feronia

Raw Fluorite


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Palm of Feronia Raw Fluorite is a deeply cleansing and balancing stone - fluorite absorbs negative energy and stress, eliminating feelings of confusion and overwhelm. Use it to declutter the mind, creating clarity of thought and a secure sense of direction.

Fluorite is also associated with prosperity and good luck - keep it close to areas of your life where you wish to infuse this energy.

For the heart, throat and third eye chakra. Charge in the moonlight.

Comes from Mexico.


Each crystal comes with a small description card printed on recycled cotton paper and a cotton pouch. You will receive a single piece intuitively chosen for you. Please note that each stone is unique and there are deviations from the photos and also from the size information. Each crystal is charged with Reiki energy.


Supplier designation: ARFL1 Raw Fluorite
Web code: 53100000209

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