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The 6501 Pumps in Lilac Frost by Ras have a transparent heel with a triangular base that gives the shoe its unique look. The leather is matt, as is the transparent band at the top.


The women's pumps by Ras are true to size. The heel measures 7.5 cm.


smooth leather


Vendor designation: 6501 lilac frost Nirwana Glass
Web code: 24519000024

The creative head who has been responsible for the Ras collections since it was founded in 1988 is Rafael Boix. The name Ras stands for the initials of his 3 children - a very sensitive way to integrate all the pride of a father into his professional environment. For him, shoe design is above all fun, an exciting journey through shapes, surfaces and materials. This passion can be seen in every collection and in every model. It is not enough for him to develop a shoe, he rather combines and experiments with materials and accessories in a new way. His trademark is the incomparability and always leaving something special. That's his trademark. Special qualities, trendy styles, decorative details and the combination of always new themes ensure the fashionably attractive elixir.

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