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We are in love - with the Green Factory biotopes! The Forest M Biotop is a medium-sized, cylindrical glass terrarium that houses a small Ficus Microcarpa, moss, gravel and soil. This composition was lovingly handcrafted in Parisian workshops. The containers are still blown the old fashioned way by glass artisans and then engraved with the Green Factory logo. The Green Factory biotopes are really great as a gift for yourself or for your loved ones, because to be honest, you really don't need a green thumb for them.


Height 35cm
Diameter 24cm


first days

Green Factory plants require little care and attention. However, once plants have arrived in a new environment, they need some time to acclimatize and adapt to their new environment. You should therefore keep an eye on the plants in the first month, because changing light or excessive humidity can lead to yellowing of the leaves and mold, which must be removed as soon as possible.


The terrariums should be placed in a room with a temperature between 15°C and 27°C. At temperatures above 27°C please open the terrarium and supply it with water.


When the plant leaves touch the glass, the plant should be pruned. The terrarium then remains open for 24 hours to allow the plants to recover.


When the soil feels dry, it's time to water the terrarium. This is usually enough once a year. To do this, spray the plants and the soil with filtered water or rainwater, making sure not to get the moss too wet. Depending on the size of the terrarium, you need between 50 and 300ml of water.


The terrarium should be near a window but not exposed to direct sunlight.


Condensation is an essential part of the cycle, as the water runs down the glass, irrigating the plants. The glass usually fogs up on the coldest side, so the terrarium should be rotated weekly to allow the condensation to evenly water the plants. If the glass fogs up so much that you can barely see the plant, that's a sign of too much heat or sunlight. Then open the jar briefly and wipe along the jar with your clean hand to allow the water to drain faster.


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Green Factory was born from the will to bring nature into the city so that everyone can have their own little piece of greenery at home without having to worry about it. All the plants and raw materials used in the biotopes come from European manufacturers and are lovingly assembled by terrarium makers in a Parisian workshop. Each plant arrangement is handmade and unique. The products are ecosystems in their own right, able to thrive autonomously thanks to photosynthesis, the hydrological cycle and a closed, transparent environment. A super nice upgrade for your own home.

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