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With the Gryphon sandal from Dr. Martens in Black rock the summer! The brand has given the gladiator-inspired sandal a subversive twist to add attitude to your look.
The Gryphon sandal is made of high-quality, black Brando leather and features cool gunmetal buckles. The hard-wearing Shore sole with the characteristic yellow welt seam gives you a firm grip and the labeled AirWair heel loop is the perfect finishing touch to your stylish look.
Brando leather is full-grain, waxy and only gets better with age. Sturdy and durable, it will develop a worn vintage look that you will love!
So, what are you waiting for? Get the Gryphon Alt now and show your rebellious side!


The women's sandal by Dr. Martens is true to size. The sole measures 4 cm.


smooth leather


Supplier designation: GRYPHON black 30747001
Web code: 22000000286

Founded in 1945, the Dr. Martens quickly became the shoe of the working class in Great Britain and later - especially among young people - a cult object. Today, the well-known 8 or 10 hole boots are worn by a wide variety of groups. Punks, techno lovers, models, pop stars and we too are enthusiastic about the timeless design and durability. The brand has always embodied rebellion and individuality. Under the hashtag #toughasyou, she promotes exactly that and wants to know what 'tough' means nowadays.

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